Men, Women and Children – movie

This week we’ve been speaking about mobile phones and the amount of time we spend talking, texting, surfing the internet, posting on social networking sites.

There is a new movie coming out that focuses on this subject called “Men, Women and Children” that focuses on this very same subject.

“A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.”

Check out the trailer.  What do you think?  Would you like to see the movie?


La Vie d’Adèle (Blue is the Warmest Color)

This movie is back in Le Méliès this week (a cinema that plays non-mainstream movies, and movies from lot of different cultures / countries in original version). Some people complain about reading subtitles, but I find it interesting to hear the original voices of people. Especially since I’ve realized that in almost every film I watch, there is the SAME MAN doing one of the male voices. I mean this guy does the dubbing for every big actor!!! I get tired of hearing his voice!!!

Anyway this movie was a French one this time so no subtitles 😉 I saw that it had recieved some awards (a palm d’or and césar) and thought I would check it out.

I actually ended up seeing it in an airplane flying from France to the US. Bad choice. This is a really awkard film to watch when you are stuck in a small cramped space next to strangers.

This is a coming of age story and about a young girl exploring her sexuality. She meets a nice boy and starts dating him but is confused about her feelings… And she meets a girl who changes everything!

So there are a few steamy sex scenes in the movie, and a really long close up action shot of the two girls together.

I literally fast-forwarded through parts because I felt so uncomfortable with the man sitting next to me who was probably wondering what in the world I was watching!!

This part aside, I was pretty disappointed by the film. I found the story really flat. At first I was intrigued, I was feeling happy, sad, anxious, etc… for the main character… But after a while it just got boring. It showed random flashes over time, years passed with no explanation, just a changing of scene, and the two girls still looked exactly the same…

And I was most disappointed by the end, but I won’t give that away…

So I can’t say that I would recommend this movie, but then again some people must have enjoyed it more than me for it to win some various awards….


Promised Land

So first of all, I’m biased because I LOVE Matt Damon. He’s a great actor…and not too hard on the eyes 😉 I haven’t seen the movie yet, but watching the trailer brought back memories of his performance in Good Will Hunting. (turns out it’s the same director!) It was a movie that made you laugh, made you cry… One that you always remember.

I hope Promised Land will be the same kind of movie. I looks like it will be great performance by Matt Damon. There is also the actor from the tv show “The Office,” John Krasinski. I liked him in The Office…his character was pretty funny. It will be nice to see him in a different role…

Critics say that, “Promised Land hones in on a controversy du jour: fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, the process of releasing natural gas from shale deposits by blasting underground drilling beds with water and sand.”

Looks like a good one… Have you seen it yet? What did you think about this new movie??


The Place Beyond the Pines trailer (bande annonce VO)

Watch the trailer of a new movie playing at the moment at Le Méliès in Saint Etienne (VOST).

This movie stars Ryan Gosling (Drive), Eva Mendes (Hitch), Bradley Cooper (Very bad trip) and Dane Dehaan.

Gosling plays Luke, a bad-ass motorcycle stuntman who makes his living working at a carnival. Cooper is Avery, a young police officer in a small town; he’s just trying to live up to his father’s expectations. Mendes is a local who once had a fling with Gosling’s character, and DeHaan is a young boy who connects them all together.

It is called “an exhilarating epic of fathers, sons and consequences.”