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Hamburgalars Plan Foiled!

Hamburgalars Plan Foiled!

I just ran across this story in the news that made me laugh.  Quick thinking by a Burger King employee might have helped the police capture the robbers more easily.

Two armed men came into the fastfood restaurant demanding cash.

One of the employees snuck out the back door and found their car in the parking lot idling (this means the keys were in the car and it was on and running so they could make a quick get away).

So he got in the car and drove away to hide it.

When the robbers realized their car was missing, they had to run away by foot and didn’t get far before the police found them.

It’s not a story your hear every day!!!

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Oklahoma Tornado

Oklahoma Tornado

We’ve been hearing a lot about this horrible disaster on the news in France. The idea of tornados is shocking to my students in France (well to everyone, of course! but they are more rare here). When I ask them if tornados happen in France they say “Yeah!! I think we’ve had one or two before!!”

So it’s hard to imagine the state of Oklahoma that goes through about 50 tornados a year. Sadly we hear these stories of loss, of destruction, every year in the USA.

What really struck me though, as I’ve been reading the news stories, is the bravery of the teachers.

These teachers knew what to do to keep their children as safe as possible. They helped keep them calm, sang to them, prayed with them, told them that they loved them all. They tried to protect them at all costs, some teachers even covered their students with their own bodies, risking their lives for the lives of their children.

It’s a story that can make you forget the evil in the world, and it makes us aspire to be brave, to become a hero when faced with a difficult situation. These teachers say they were just doing their job. But it was really amazing what they did!

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Weak Constitution??

Living in France for the past few years I have actually learned a lot about my own country, the United States. Moving away has allowed me to take a step back, to get out of the bubble that we live in, and to realize that the world does NOT REVOLVE AROUND US!

The thing I love about the U.S. is also something that could make it a dangerous place… American people are PROUD. We are proud of our country, oh wow are we proud of our children, and of course we are proud of ourselves. We have strong beliefs and we are not afraid to stand up for these beliefs. We are ready to fight for what we believe in. Literally.

It’s easy to be proud. But when you step back you realize there is also a lot of ignorance, and maybe that’s why we are so proud.

Growing up I always believed the news. The news is fact right? That’s what makes it the news. But the news channels are just a tv show like any other… They have advertisements, ratings, funding, objectives, their own agendas…

In America, if the news tells us there is a problem…like how, apparently, there is a WHOLE POPULATION of people who hate us and want to kill us… Americans are ready to fight!!! But before you grab your pitchfork or your machine gun, stop and think for a minute. Where are the facts? Where is the proof? What is the real meaning behind this message, what is the real agenda?

Americans are reactive. We don’t waste time. We are doers. But… we should probably think before we act…

This video is from a comedy tv show making fun of Fox News, an infamous tv channel in the U.S. Some of the things they say are quite shocking and make me feel ashamed of my country, and glad that I’m not living there at the moment.

On Fox News they say that the Boston bombing suspect shouldn’t have Miranda rights (the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, etc.), that he should be tortured. That his wife, whether she knew about the situation or not, should go to jail, especially for wearing a hijab. They say that we should put listening devices into Mosques. That we should ban Muslim students from entering the country. (pretty much that we should take away all rights….except of course the 2nd amendment…)

I’m actually disgusted by this. Look at the school shootings recently, the shooting in the movie theater… There were way more deaths, and these attacks were made by, guess who, WHITE AMERICAN CITIZENS.

This makes me think of my dad when I was young “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” Are you TRYING to give people something to hate us for??? Because you are succeeding.

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Snow Storms


Spring is here.  We are dreaming of sunshine, flowers, birds, walks in the park, longer days, higher temperatures…  Even starting to plan holidays, weekends away.  Spring is a wonderful time.   Usually….  But at the moment, there are many snow storms covering 8 states in the United States.

The conditions were so bad (lots of snow + 40 mile per hour winds) that authorities closed “154 miles of Interstate 70 from Denver to the Kansas line. Those wanting to fly out of Denver International Airport just had to wait.”

Here in France we have a little wind and rain today, but I’m happy I’m not home in the midwest under a pile of snow!

For now we will just keep dreaming of spring…and hope that it will actually arrive soon!!

Soccer in the Snow!